Compared to other destinations in the Caribbean, to get to Union it might take a lill longer than the average. We are a little island among other little gems here in the Grenadines, but we are so so lucky to have an international airport. You will need to take either a charter (16 seater twin engine) form Barbados or an Islander (8 seaters) from St.Lucia. There are plenty option of private plane if you fancy fly by at your own wish above the Tobago Cays, it will make a memorable experience. So Mainly you have to reach Barbados or anywhere nearby as we stand right in between St. Vincent & Grenada, if you get lost just ask, every one know Union Island around here.


Union is directly connected to St.Vincent, via all the Grenadines, with various Ferry services. Is thefts way to Island Hop down here. If you are in Grenada, which by the way is a different country, then you can take the Osprey (ferry boat) at 9 am, reach Carriacou, where I personally would spend a day to chill, then we can organise a pick up to take you straight on our Jetty at AYC. We are on the border between two countries, therefore everyone who sails by has to stop to clear custom and immigration, you can always fetch a ride as you go.


Either you come by Air or you come by Sea, Alison will be there greeting you at the Airport with his caddy limo or picking up your lines on the Jetty. Anchorage Yacht Club, you have arrived.

Like said, to get here it might take a lille longer, but if you start your vacation just about now, you will love the entire journey.